Interactive Cooking / Visual Recipes and Books : BUNDLE for special education

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These recipes, worksheets, and books make it easy to teach and practice cooking skills in the classroom!

 There are 7 recipe packs (totaling 14 recipes) included in this digital download!

  • Spaghetti and Macaroni and Cheese
  • Cake and Cupcakes
  • Hot Cocoa and Tea
  • Pudding and Jello
  • Nachos and Quesadillas
  • Smoothies and Milkshakes
  • Sandwiches

Included in each recipe is:

  • Visual Recipe (one page)
  • Cut and Paste Worksheets (use for multiple student levels)
  • Review Worksheets (two levels)
  • Interactive Recipe Book (great for practice cooking in the classroom!)

Only $2 per recipe! That's like only paying $1 for each book and $1 for each recipe and set of worksheets/quizzes.

Download and print as many copies as you need for your class!

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