ASL (Sign Language) Summer Visual Flashcard Dictionary

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These sign language cards are perfect for students who are learning ASL sign language or who are non verbal and need an alternative way to communicate.

Summer categories included in these flashcards are: activities, sports, dates/times, summer things, nature, and weather. (These are meant to include some key summer words, not to be an exhaustive list of all words you may use in the summer. You may want to add more signs (example: sports or activities from the play set or food from meal set) from other ASL packs available!)

 The tabs and size of these cards make it easy to hang anywhere in your classroom so that these signs are at your fingertips when you need them. Print and Prep yourself!

Pictures are included next to each sign so that if students are looking through the cards by themselves and can't read, they are still able to understand what the sign means.

Over 50 signs are included! Signs include:

Activities:  camp, exercise, explore, hike, jog, mow, relax , travel, kite, campfire, barbecue, camp, picnic

Sports: baseball, bicycle, frisbee, golf, jump rope, swimming, surfing

Nature: dirt, flower, grass, bee, butterfly, worm, insect, mosquito

Things: air conditioner, fan, swimsuit, ice cream, lemonade , water

Places: vacation, beach, camp, swimming pool, zoo

Weather: hot, humid,  sunny sweat, rain, rainbow, storm, suntan, sweat

Dates/Time: June, July, August, 4th of July, summer, today, tomorrow, yesterday

BONUS: Summer bucket list with visuals and ASL signs

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