Life Skill Math Packets

You'll love these PRINT and GO math packs, already differentiated for three different skill levels, and over 600 worksheets to last you the entire year!

Life skill math topics include: money, directions, more/less, size, time, numbers

Variety and Repetition: This pack includes two different style worksheets for each topic and level. Students will quickly learn worksheet format as they go through each themed pack. 

Multiple Steps: Worksheets include multiple steps (cut/paste, color, etc) so that students do not fly through them and are able to work on a variety of concepts at the same time. If the multiple steps take too long for some students, you can tell them to do something quicker instead (ex. circle instead of color, or write instead of cut and paste).

Printing Options: All worksheets can be printed in black and white or color as needed in order to provide additional levels of supports for students.

 Each packet is designed to get you through (at least) two weeks of instruction, using one worksheet each day along with real life practice. You can use these packs in any order, as they do not get more difficult. This way students can learn (or maintain) at their own pace and you can move them up levels as needed. This is also great for homework once students have mastered the skills!