About Breezy Special Ed Shop

Hi! I'm Brie, the creator of all things you see here at Breezy Special Ed.

I love being able to help other teachers, because when I started I didn't have the materials that my students needed so I spent most of my time making them. Now you don't have to! With Breezy Special Ed resources, you can get your prep time back with relevant and differentiated BSE resources that your students need and you can easily implement in your life skill special education classes.

I taught special education for 5 years at the high school life skill level. Now I stay at home raising my two sweet littles and continue to create resources to help special education teachers and students.

I am opening this Breezy Special Ed digital shop now in 2020 to better serve special education teachers like you. My Teachers Pay Teachers store will continue to stay open (don't worry!), and you can shop at the place that works best for you, but I am able to offer you things here at the Breezy Special Ed shop that aren't available on TpT.


Exclusive to the BSE shop:

Breezy Rewards - earn points for purchases and engagements! Read more here.

Email Updates - I will be able to email you when I add to or update a resource. Do you know that I am unable to do this on TpT? I hate knowing some teachers miss out on amazing updates because TpT doesn't allow me to conveniently notify them.

Prepped and Shipped Items - Do you know we offer many resources as shipped items as well? We have an Etsy store, but now we can offer it all in one place! Check out items ready to ship here. Did you know? My Dad runs this side of Breezy Special Ed!

Payment - Pay with PayPal, Google Pay, credit card, just about any digital payment, whatever is easiest and most convenient for you!

Exclusive Offers and Coupon Codes - Woot woot! See also Breezy Rewards :) And I will continue to run the same site wide sales that happen on TpT on this site as well.