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Money Math Task Card Bundle (special education)

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Included in this product are 4 sets of Money Math Task Cards:
Do You Have Enough? level 1 - Counting up to 5 single bills and choosing if you have enough money
Do You Have Enough? level 2 - Look at a bill ($1, $5, $10, or $20) and decide if there is enough money
Dollar Over - Count the dollars you need to make a purchase
Which One is Worth More? - Find the bill that is worth more
Over 150 cards in all!
There are two options for purchasing

- Fully Prepped: This is a completed - ready to go - item. The corners are rounded with a corner punch.

- Half Prepped: ( gives you the opportunity to purchase this at a discounted price) You will receive 43 pages of 5 mil laminate ready for you to cut into cards

Want to prep yourself? Grab the digital download instead!

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How awesome is it to get quality products already laminated delivered to your classroom door? SO! AWESOME! I am delighted with my purchase. You will see me again, I’m sure! ❤️