Dying Easter Eggs and MORE Visual Recipes for Special Education

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These visual recipes and worksheets make it fun to both dye Easter eggs and also incorporate several egg recipes around Easter time!

Included are recipes for:

  • Boiling Eggs (stovetop OR electric pressure cooker/Instant Pot)
  • Jell-O eggs (microwave)
  • Deviled eggs (no appliances need, pre-boiled eggs)
  • Dying eggs regular
  • Dying eggs with rice
  • Dying eggs with cream (shaving or whipped cream, depending on if you want them to stay edible or not)
  • Extra: page with egg dying options such as adding rubber bands, stickers, tape or coloring with crayons before dying.

Included with each recipe in this digital download is:

  • Visual Recipe: This one page visual recipe is great for visual learners!
  • Sequencing Worksheets: 1 worksheets = 3 levels.
    • 1: Cut and paste both pictures and sentences
    • 2: Partial cut and paste and draw/write the other half
    • 3: Draw and write the recipe steps.
  • Review / Quiz: 2 levels. 1: symbol supported 2: text