Animal Habitats - Repetitive Readers Interactive (Adapted) Books for Special Ed

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These interactive books about animals are perfect for when teaching about animals and their habitats. Real pictures make it appropriate for every age level! Plus, each book has two levels built in so you only have two prep once to use with students of varying abilities.

Included in this pack is a digital download with the printables you need to prep four books on animals (Ocean Animals, Rainforest Animals, Arctic Animals, and Desert Animals)

Each page has an optional top text to read (for more advanced readers) and a simple bottom sentence for everyone to read.

 The sentences on the bottom all follow the same format of " ___ lives in the ____." These repetitive sentence help even non-readers read and help students become more confident readers (and speakers!)

You only have to print one book and it is appropriate for a range of different levels in your class. See how below: 

Ways to Use this Interactive Book with Multiple Levels:


You Read - I Read Option: Adult/tutor reads top section, student reads predictable text at the bottom section (great for beginning readers/ speakers or device users).

Level 1: Beginning readers only read bottom sentence. They may or may not read the smaller words (such as “the”)

Level 2: Advanced readers read the entire page.

Interactive Pieces

Level 1: Students match the picture from the choice page to each page while they read.

Level 2: Students take off the picture from each page and match to the word on the choice page.

Find the fully prepped books here