Special Education Next Dollar Up Money Color In Worksheets

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Now includes digital, interactive worksheets on Google Slides at no additional cost. This digital download set of 50 worksheets works on knowing how much money items cost and paying using the next dollar method.

There are two levels, the first 25 worksheets have whole numbers and the student then colors in the exact number of dollar indicated on the price. The second 25 worksheets include prices with decimals, so the student colors in the number of dollars before the decimal and then colors in one more dollar for the change.

Anchor charts are included for helping students remember how to use the dollar up strategy.

An answer key is also included so that students can check their work, and to make it easier for you to glance and assess!

Worksheets are digital on Google Slides! Students can drag over green rectangles to color the dollars they need to pay and also have the option of completing the bonus "how much change will you get back?" question. To access, you will click the links in the PDF to make a copy to save to your drive. Then you can assign to students to use. 

I used this with my high school special education class. It is appropriate for any early learners.

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Cecilia mcmanus

I never got my product from you can you direct me to someone who can help me to recieve them asp

I'm so sorry, I don't always get review notifications so I'm not seeing this until now but I can always easily be reached via the site chat or email. I have re-sent the email with the download link and you can also access all of your purchases on the site at 'My Downloads' here: