Money Math (Bills) Identification Card Game for special education

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This money card game works on matching bills to same bills as well as their written amount ($1, $5, $10, $20). 

Money amount cards: front of bills, back of bills, money amount.

Special cards: wild with colors, wild with dollars, wild with draw 4, draw 2, skip, reserve

Pages included in this packet:

P3: Instructions

P4-7: Playing cards with fronts of bills

P8-11: Playing cards with backs of bills

P12-15: Playing cards with money amounts

P16-17: Special cards


Depending on the level of your students and their ability to match, you may want to only print certain types of playing cards. For example, with a lower learning group, I might only print the cards with the fronts of bills, and I would then print out more copies to make up for the fact that I am not including the other cards.


You might also be interested in the Coins UNO Game to work on additional money skills - these can be combined together too!