World Down Syndrome Day FREE Differentiated Journal + Letter for Rock your Socks

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Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st with this FREE differentiated journal (3 levels) and a symbol supported classroom poster to encourage classroom discussion and participation. Bonus: includes a letter to send home to tell students to rock their socks on March 21st as well! 

What's included:

Classroom Poster: project or print to use in small groups! Use this poster to introduce the day, discuss and access prior knowledge. The poster includes symbol text with the month, discussion questions, a symbol sentence and a space to tally your students' opinions! Have students journal and then come back to tally what they wanted to say about the topic.


Level 1: Non writers. They can choose the correct symbol options for the date. The symbol sentence is next and you can have them circle the topic if you wish. Next they can give their opinion (errorless), as well as color the picture.


Level 2: Tracers. Students will trace the date and topic. They will write the topic word to the best of their ability. (maybe they use letter stamps). And then they can color and draw a picture.


Level 3: Beginning Writers. Students will write the date. They fill in the blank with their opinion from the word bank below. They will then write a sentence about the topic. This could be the topic sentence, an “I like” or “don’t like” about the topic, or anything they choose! Guide students based on their ability levels. They can then color and/or draw a picture about the topic - again guide as time and ability levels allow.


Level 4: Writers. (Blank template) Students will use the first two lines to write the date and the topic. They will write their opinion (using the word bank from the classroom sample so they can tally at the end with the class). Then they can copy the sentence from the classroom poster or write their own sentence on the topic. Students will also draw a picture of the topic.



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Customer Reviews

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Kyle Calvey

I was blown away on how adaptable these worksheets were for my students. I will 100% being using these for the rest of my career!


I loved the 3 different levels. We did the lesson as a group with each student working on their appropriate level.