Adapted / Interactive Math Basic Life Skill Books Mega Set for Special Education

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This set of 12 interactive math books works on money, time, big/small, more/less, top/bottom, and left/right. There are two books included for each concept, practicing each skill in a variety of ways.


Book 1: Matching bills front, back and value

Book 2: Matching coins front, back and value.


Book 1: Matching analog to digital clocks (to the hour)

Book 2: Matching analog to digital clocks (:00, :15, :30, :45) *These books can also be used in reverse to have the student match digital time if they are unable to read analog clocks*


Book 1: identical shapes of different sizes

Book 2: real objects (ex. hammer and a nail)


Book 1: groups of shapes

Book 2: real items (ex. pepperonis on pizza)


Book 1: label left/right locations on an object

Book 2: place object in the correct location


Book 1: label top/bottom locations on an object

Book 2: place object in the location asked. You can use these books with Velcro, or for some simply print and have students point or circle with a dry erase.

These books pair perfectly with my math life skill packs and allow for yet another way to practice these important life skills.