Alphabet Adapted Books (3 Review Books ONLY) REAL PICTURES

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This set of 3 ABC books is perfect for students working on learning and recognizing letters and their sounds. Repetitive text means that students can learn how to read each book, even if they can't actually read the words yet. And there are lots of options to practice saying each letter sound on each page!

The digital full set of 26 Letter Books AND these 3 review books is available HERE

Included is a digital download to prep these books yourself:

3 Review Books: Review books that go over all 26 letters (combined). Students will match the letter to each page.

Ways to Use this Interactive Book:
• The text is predictable so that students can learn and read the books on their own.
• Readers should practice the letter sound on each page while reading. (Vowels include letter cues to indicate the short or long sound)
• Teachers can direct students to only read the top or bottom sentence if desired (but the more reading practice on each page, the better!)

Prep these books using lamination and velcro! This resource is perfect for special education and autism classrooms, and early childhood education!

Want a prepped and shipped version of these books? Grab those here.