Bathroom Vocabulary Life Skills Unit (Special Ed and Autism Resource)

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This vocabulary unit includes nine bathroom vocabulary words and over 100 pages of resources! This life skill vocabulary pack includes flashcards, worksheets, a file folder activity, an adapted book, task cards, coloring book, a data sheet, and SO MUCH MORE on the pictures/words: bathtub, toilet, soap, toilet paper, trash, shower, towel, mirror, and tissues. PRINT and PREP!

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Pages include:


P3-12: Bingo Boards (print calling cards from flashcard section)

P13-17: Bingo Boards WORDS

P18-20: “I have, who has” Game

P21-23: Vocab Page + File Folder / Matching Activity

Flashcards (also can be used as a memory game!)

P24-25: Flashcards – COLOR pictures and words together

P26-27: Flashcards – B&W pictures and words together

P28-29: Flashcards - Words only

P30-31: Flashcards – Definitions

P32-33: Word wall strips / labels for laundry items

P34: Flashcard Activities and Questions idea page


P35-43: Level 1: Find the ____ (pictures) *circle, point, or use dot marker

P44-52: Level 2: Find the ____ (words)

P53-56: Level 1: Matching Pictures - drawing lines, cut and paste

P57-60: Level 2: Matching Picture to Word - drawing lines, cut and paste

P61-63: Color and Graph

P64-66: Writing (Levels are p64 trace, p65 copy, and p66 write)

Journals P67: Explanation

P68-76: Level 1 journal page (Students will trace, write, color, and draw)

P77: Level 2 journal page (print one for each topic)

Coloring Book

P78: Directions

P79-83: Tracing

P84-88: Color and Trace

89-93: Draw and Trace


P94: Vocab data sheet


P95-100: Student folder set up

Adapted Book

P101-102: Example and instructions

P103-109: Adapted Book

Task Cards (levels overlap pages to save paper)

P110: Task Card Covers

P111-113: Errorless

p113-115: Clip art match

P115-117: Clip art to real picture match

P117-119: Word to clip art match

One of the first steps to becoming a more successful individual is knowing what the things around you are! I used these bathroom vocabulary worksheets with my high school special education class who were functioning anywhere between a Pre-K to 1st grade level.

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