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Bedroom Vocabulary Life Skills Adaptive Booklet w Task Cards (Special Ed and Autism Resource)

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One of the first steps to becoming a more successful individual is knowing what the things around you are! I used these bedroom vocabulary booklets and task cards with my high school special education class who were functioning anywhere between a Pre-K to 1st grade level. These interactive/adapted books are fully prepped and designed to help your child / students become more comfortable readers and more fluent speakers.

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Booklet $16 

Booklet and Task Cards 35.00

Task Cards $25.00

Booklet and Task Cards (half prepped) $24 (The task cards will come uncut - 10 pages of 4 cards to one 5 mil laminated sheet. The booklet is fully prepped. You are responsible only for cutting the cards out)

WAYS TO USE THE ADAPTED BOOK READING You Read - Read Option: Parent/Teacher reads top section, student reads predictable text at the bottom section (great for beginning readers/speakers and device users)

Level 1 Beginning readers only read bottom sentence Level 2 Advanced readers read the entire page INTERACTIVE PIECES Level 1 Students match the picture from the choice page to each page while they read Level 2 Students take off the picture from each page and match to the word on the choice page

WAYS TO USE THE VOCAB TASK CARDS (students can point , use clothespins, or circle with a dry erase maker to show their answer) -Match clip art symbol to real picture -Errorless Matching (all the answers are the correct answer) -Match identical pictures -Match word to clip art symbol Vocab Words -hamper -closet -blanket -nightstand -bookshelf -pillow -alarm clock -dresser -bed

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