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Budget Worksheets - Do you have Enough Money? Life Skill Math for Special Ed

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This budgeting resource contains 130+ pages to help you teach this skill in your classroom! Print and prep the pages you need for your students as you need them. A teaching poster is included, as well as individual student cards to help them practice this skill, and 3 different types of leveled worksheets as well! 

Worksheets include:

-Determining what's in your budget using a number line (0-5, 0-10, 0-20, and 0-100)

-Is this price in your budget? Given a budget and a price, student chooses Yes or No with option to also determine how much more money you would need. (three levels with level one having the price being the same as the budget, level two with the price being below the budget, and level three is a price including change)

-Which one is in your budget? Given your budget and two items, choose the one that is in your budget (same three levels as above)

Customer Reviews

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stacey sandoval

Love it

Excellent resource

Very neat, and I loved the real money pictures!

Another Wonderful Purchase!

Thanks again for providing top-notch supplemental material. I love your products- and more importantly- so do my students!

Laura Hacko

This activity worked well for my student. I liked the visuals provided. Great resource!