Calculating Tip and When to Tip (Tip Charts and Resources)

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Knowing how and when to tip is an important part of community education. I hope these resources will be helpful in your classroom like they were in mine! Worksheets include visuals to help non-readers.

Tip charts include a front and a back with the front including prices 1-20, and the back prices 21-60 (with a range of 2 dollars for each so it all would fit). Numbers were calculated using 15% and rounded to 25 cent intervals, so the prices to leave as tips actually make sense (as opposed to random tip charts you might see otherwise!)

3 reusable resources include: A restaurant worksheet, when students fill in their sheets based on the information you provide for each restaurant - whether they tip for each restaurant and what the tip is. A tipping and dollar over/change back worksheet, also that students will fill in based on information from you (4 different totals). Then a simple calculating the tip worksheet, you can fill in different amounts each time you need to print anything (this worksheet is in the form of a fill-able PDF, I also included one worksheet as an example that is already filled in)