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Color Coded Calendar Visuals for Special Education with bonus temperature chart and more

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Do you have a calendar set up that you love and that is functional for your students? Do your students have a hard time understanding concepts such as weekends vs. school days, yesterday/today/tomorrow or struggle with changes in their schedule? Enter: Color coded calendar visuals!! This calendar color code system helps students -understand what to expect for the month -reduce anxiety about upcoming and new events -learn time skills This was a total game changer for my students. It helped reduce anxiety about upcoming events, weekends, and special days. And it started with four simple colors.

I keep the calendar color code simple for a reason. Even without visuals, students are able to quickly pick up the colors and their meanings. Yellow means it's a regular school day. Green - a special school day, such as an assembly, field trip, half day, etc. Red means it's a day when you should have school, but you don't. And then blue is for weekends, weekends are special because we never have school on weekends.

Here is a video I made describing the calendar, temperature chart, season visuals, and what to wear.

This can be purchased half prepped only. Note: the calendar itself is not provided.

Half Prepped $37 - $46 (with 500 sticky back coins - dots) 33 pages of 5 mil laminated sheets. You are responsible for the cutting. 500 Velcro dots are optional.  Free Shipping!

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Robin Stubbs
Calendar and Temperature Charts

This is fantastic! Everything that I wanted and more.