Community Signs File Folders ( 12 pk ) for Special Education - Fully Prepped

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These file folder activities are great for teaching and practicing community signs around us! Included are a variety of 36 different safety and survival signs that are important for special education students to know.

Included in this pack are 12 file folders. Multiple levels included such as matching signs to signs, identifying signs by matching signs to their meaning (picture), and matching or labeling signs to the words.

Perfect for special education classrooms of all ages or early childhood education.

Signs include: Caution, keep locked, waiting room, wet paint, handicap, stop, stairs, escalator, do not enter, don't walk, elevator, walk, slippery when wet, wash hands, restrooms, women's restroom, men's restroom, out of order, no food or drink, recycle, drinking fountain, food court, trash, poison, automatic door, exit, no smoking, no cell phones, danger, no pets allowed, flammable, no weapons, fire extinguisher, first aid, open, and closed.

These come in a fully prepped and in an economical half-prepped package! Fully prepped is shipped to you ready to use. Half prepped includes the laminated file folders (untrimmed) plus uncut laminated sheets for the stickers. The Velcro dots are also included. All you need to do is some trimming with a scissors and you will be ready to go!

If you would like to prep these file folders yourself, you can download and print here: