Community Signs Identification Card Game ~ (Pack #1)

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This game works on identifying and understanding meaning of 10 community signs (stop, taxi, bike lane, airport, gas station, speed limit, bus stop, railroad crossing, crosswalk, and do not enter.)

Each sign is represented four different ways, allowing students to practice a higher level of understanding by not only matching same signs, but ones that mean the same thing as well! Each sign is represented by two different signs, text, and a picture of where you find that sign.

Special cards (wild, draw two, skip, etc) are also included!

Print and prep yourself!

Depending on the level of your students and their ability to match, you may want to only print certain types of playing cards. For example, with a lower learning group, I might only print the cards with two different variations of each sign (not printing the word or picture cards that go along with the signs), and I would then print out more copies to make up for the fact that I am not including the other cards.

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