Cooking How to Books (Microwave and Oven) Interactive/Adapted for special ed

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Teaching cooking lessons to your students? These books go through the steps of cooking using an oven and a microwave, making common meals such as pizza and chicken nuggets!

Each page has an optional top text to read (for more advanced readers) and a simple bottom sentence for everyone to read.

Print and PREP! You only have to print one book and it is appropriate for a range of different levels in your class. See how below:

Ways to Use this Interactive Book with Multiple Levels:


  • You Read - I Read Option: Staff reads top section, student reads predictable text at the bottom section (great for beginning readers/speakers or device users).
  • Level 1: Beginning readers only read bottom sentence. They may or may not read the smaller words (such as “the”)
  • Level 2: Advanced readers read the entire page.

Interactive Pieces

  • Level 1: Students match the picture from the choice page to each page while they read.
  • Level 2: Students take off the picture from each page and match to the word on the choice page.

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