Counting File Folders for Special Education 9 pk - Fully Prepped

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These file folder activities practice all the counting skills, including 1:1 correspondence, counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, and 20s. And my favorite part is that YOU (the teacher) choose what the student will count to each time, simply write it inside the folder with a dry erase marker.

Included are:
✔1:1 Correspondence (put a cupcake on each plate)
✔Count by 1s up to 5 (bumblebees on a flower)
✔Count by 1s up to 10 (pepperonis on a pizza)
✔Count by 1s up to 15 (soda pop in the fridge)
✔Count by 1s up to 25 (stars on a clipboard)
✔Count by 2s up to 50 (socks in the dryer)
✔Count by 5s up to 100 (books on a bookshelf)
✔Count by 10s up to 100 (markers on the table)
✔Count by 20s up to 200 (french fries on trays)

These file folder activities are perfect for special education classrooms of all ages or early childhood education.

(note: There are two options when purchasing. Fully prepped is as seen in the pictures above where everything is cut out and ready to use. Half prepped involves cutting out the pieces from the lamination and trimming the laminate on file folders Velcro Dots are included.)

If you would like to prep this yourself you can find the digital version here: