Visual Daily Questions (Question of the Day) *real pictures* for special education

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Updated to include interactive worksheets on Google Slides. Want more questions of the day? This set includes REAL pictures and 3 options! Give your students even more variety with these questions!

180 visual questions: 90 questions with 3 visual options and 90 visual yes/no questions.

 10 level journal pages: 4 levels including drawing, writing, or extended writing

 We use these questions during our morning meeting time and each student answers the question, telling us something they like (or don't like).

These questions are perfect for special education or preschool classrooms because:

  • there is no right answer
  • students can answer errorlessly
  • each question include visuals to support non-readers and readers
  • there is a consistent answer structure
  • communication is encouraged through AAC, verbal, and/or written
  • corresponding journals come in a variety of levels

In my classroom, students set up the question each morning and during independent work time, each student prepares their answer, either on their device or in one of the adapted journal pages. During our morning meeting, we graph our classes responses and see what we have in common with each other.

I use this with my high school special education class, but would be appropriate for any grade special education or early childhood classrooms as well.

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Lara N
Love these!

Great to use for virtual and in person to get conversation going and work on answering questions. Thanks for all of the resources you create!