Would You Rather? Visual Daily Questions + Journal Prompts for Special Ed

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These would you rather questions are great for teaching students how to have a sense of humor, imagination, and fun! All questions have two visual options for answers to help all students answer.


75 visual questions: Variety of funny, strange, and thought provoking questions.


Leveled journal pages: Levels including drawing, writing, or extended writing


You can use these questions as a question of the day activity, a journal lesson, or a fun social activity!


These questions are perfect for special education or preschool classrooms because:

• there is no right answer

• students can answer errorlessly

• each question include visuals to support non-readers and readers

• there is a consistent answer structure

• communication is encouraged through AAC, verbal, and/or written

• corresponding journals come in a variety of levels


I use this with my high school special education class, but would be appropriate for any grade special education or early childhood classrooms as well.


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