Dollar Over (Rounding Up) & Change Back Money Worksheets *Random Numbers*

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This resource includes 10 leveled dollar over (also known as "next dollar", "dollar up", and even just "rounding up") and change back worksheets that will generate NEW numbers every time you open it, therefore giving you unlimited worksheets to use all year long! This resource focuses on the functional math skills of dollar over and change back, essential for every functional special education classroom. You could also focus on rounding up instead of using the dollar over term, and it would be appropriate for elementary grade level students as well.

The levels are as explained below.
Level 1 – 3 Dollar Over worksheets with 5 problems each
(up to $5, up to $10, up to $30) + page with responses to use for Level 1 up to $5 for non-writers

Level 2 – 3 Dollar Over worksheets with 10 problems each. Answer space is moved to the left of the price to prepare students for level 3, calculating change back. (up to $5, up to $10, up to $30)

Level 3 – 4 Dollar Over & Change Back worksheets with 10 problems each. Answer space to the left is dollar over, answer space to the left is for the change back. (up to $5, up to $10, up to $30, up to $60)

I'm excited about the possibilities of this resource for any classroom. I know it made my life as a special education teacher so much easier. My students got the practice they needed at each step with new prices and numbers every time. You can even print off a different sheet for each student! Worksheets are opened in Excel. 

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