First Aid Life Skill File Folders For Special Education (10 pk) -Fully Prepped

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These file folder activities work on a variety of first aid concepts, such as what is in a first aid kit, how to use different medicines to feel better, when to call 911 for emergencies, and more. A variety of levels are included in order to help each individual in your class succeed and be challenged at their own level.

File folders are laminated with 3 mil and pieces to attach are a thicker 5 mil. Velcro dots are used to attach pieces to and from the file folders.

(note: There are two options when purchasing. Fully prepped is as seen in the pictures above where everything is cut out and ready to use. Half prepped involves cutting out the pieces from the lamination and trimming the laminate on file folders Velcro Dots are included.)

•First aid kit match (match identical items)
•First aid item sort – sort first aid items and non-first aid items
•What can help – choosing what medicine to use in different situations
•Doctor tool match – match pictures OR words
•Where does it go? Matching different tools and first aid items with their body parts
•Identifying body parts – labeling pictures to body parts
•Identifying body parts – labeling words to body parts
•Band aid sizes – small, medium and large
•Read a thermometer – fever or normal?
•Emergency or not? When to call 911 picture sort

Perfect for special education classrooms of all ages or early childhood education.

Would you like to prep this yourself? Here is the link to the digital download: