FREE Police Officer Differentiated Journal Writing for Special Education

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Do you have students who have difficulty coming up with their own thoughts? With three different levels included, this journal about a police officer is perfect for all of your non-writers, emerging writers, and writers!

This journal is a sample from my Community Workers Set #2 Journals.

A classroom sample provides a picture, title, and four simple sentence starters with three *errorless* options to finish each sentence.

Level 1 students "Non-writers" can color in the picture, trace the title, and cut and paste symbols (with or without aide support) to complete the sentence with their thoughts.

Level 2 students "Tracers" can color in the picture, draw their own, trace the title and sentence starters and finish the thought by circling and/or writing one of the 3 choices on their paper.

Level 3 students "Writers" have a blank journal where they draw and color the picture on their own, copy the sentences from the classroom sample, and also complete the sentence with the choice on the classroom sample (or cover up the choices and have them complete the thoughts on their own!)

I'm so excited to have one journal product that meets the needs of all of my emerging learners. I use this with my high school class, but it would be appropriate for early learners of any age. I hope you find this helpful as well.

Need other ways to help your students express their thoughts? I love these daily questions!


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Customer Reviews

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Anita McGuire
AMAZING for all ability levels about occupations and job interests!

Breezy SPED resources are so much fun and easy to access and use with students of all abilities. Since they are differentiated, I can have everyone at my table working and reading!

liberty acutina
Police Officer Differentiated Journal Writing for Special Education

Love this. From picture to independent writing. My kiddo have ASD. I think this type of material will make him feel good about his own learning. Thank you.