Fruits and Veggies and Food Sentence Starter Adapted Books (I Eat) - Fully Prepped

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These interactive/adapted books are designed to help your child/student become more a comfortable reader and more fluent speaker.

This is a physical product that will be shipped to you, using durable 5 mil lamination, coil binding and Velcro dots.

The sentences on the bottom all follow the same format of I eat ___(insert name of picture).

Using carrier phrases like this help students get used to speaking in longer sentences and once you have them speaking in sentences while reading, you can encourage that even more in everyday activities!

2 books are included in this pack, each with 8 pages, all about foods we eat!

Each page has an optional top text to read (for more advanced readers) and a simple bottom sentence for everyone to read.

Ways to Use this Interactive Book with Multiple Levels:
You Read - I Read Option: Adult/tutor reads top section, student reads predictable text at the bottom section (great for beginning readers/ speakers or device users).
Level 1: Beginning readers only read bottom sentence. They may or may not read the smaller words (such as “the”)
Level 2: Advanced readers read the entire page.

Interactive Pieces
Level 1: Students match the picture from the choice page to each page while they read.
Level 2: Students take off the picture from each page and match to the word on the choice page.

If you are interested in the digital product and prepping it yourself, you can get it here: