Health Symbol Supported Stories, Activities, + Digital Slideshows for Special Ed

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New: DIGITAL slideshows also included! This symbol supported health booklet was created with special needs students in mind. Help students improve on daily living and health skills while teaching in a visual, hands-on way that they can better understand. The student booklet is 90 pages and includes 12 topics.


Topics included are: public bathrooms, showering, deodorant, brushing teeth, getting dressed, private parts, nutrition, drinking water, sleep, exercise, colds + germs, washing hands.


Digital Versions: The digital slideshows are available as Interactive PDFs, Google Slides (which can be converted to PowerPoint), and Boom Cards (which include audio, the story is read out loud to students on each page). 11 of the 12 topics include these digital versions (private parts does not have a slideshow) and include a 9-13 page story with real pictures along with the symbol supported text as well as 4 comprehension questions with immediate feedback.


Interactive PDFs: Can be download to computer and used off line


Google Slides: Can be used in present mode and use the arrows to flip through the pages and the select the choices for the comprehension questions at the end - these will give immediate feedback and prompt students to try again or go to the next question.


Boom Learning Decks

  • Preview the Boom Learning Washing Hands health story HERE.
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Students Booklet: For each topic there is a cover coloring page, 2-3 page story, a quiz, and multiple worksheets/activities. Many of the worksheets encourage you to try something out with your class (ex. brushing your teeth, doing a workout video, trying healthy foods) so that students get hands on experience in addition to the paper work!


This was created with high school and middle school special education students in mind, but will be appropriate for younger grades as well (except for probably deodorant).


Download the preview to read more about each included topics and teaching suggestions.


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Widgit Symbols used with permission.

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