How to Write Emails - Supports + Writing Prompts for Special Ed Students

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Distance Learning: Writing emails is both an important life skill and great way to incorporate both technology and social skills in the classroom; however, many students struggle with knowing what to write in an email.

Interactive Digitally: Templates also available on Google Slides with text boxes so that students can type in the boxes to either then copy typing into an email, or directly send the document!

This product will give your students the supports they need in order to write AND reply to emails. All while incorporating typing skills in a functional way.

Included are 25 fill-in-the-blank emails with sentence starter support! Just print or display and have students type their own emails. Level 1 also includes options for students to choose from when completing their sentences. Level 2 still has the fill-in-the-blanks, just without the options.

Also included are an email social story, username and password cards, and a email picture tutorial.


Suggestion for using this product: Incorporate into a weekly or bi-weekly computer lab lesson. Have students write to a classmate, and then reply to the classmate that wrote them!