Interactive Cooking Lesson - Cake/Cupcake

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These books and worksheets make it easy to teach and practice cooking skills in the classroom! Included in this set is a cake recipe and a cupcake recipe that can be made with just about any boxed cake mix.

Visual Recipe: One laminated page easy to follow and use in the kitchen!

FREE 8 PAGE VISUAL RECIPE WORKSHEET DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! (with purchase) Contact us at to have the digital download emailed to you.
- Sequencing (1 worksheets - 3 levels. 1: Cut and paste both pictures and sentences, 2: Partial cut and paste and draw/write the other half, 3: Draw and write the recipe steps.)
- Review / Quiz (2 levels. 1: symbol supported 2: text)

Interactive Books: The books can be used in the classroom as practice for cooking (great for classrooms without access to kitchens) or as recipe guides while cooking.

***2 ways to use while reading: Have students take the icons off the bottom page and match to each page OR have students take the icons off the page and match to the picture on the bottom. Great way to use the same book for different levels of students.***

Get the entire class involved with cooking by giving each student a page to complete. Each recipe is broken down into 14 different steps. (Extra steps are included in the book that aren't seen in the one page recipe in order to provide more step by step practice, especially if the students aren't able to practice it in the kitchen!)

Want to prep yourself? Grab the digital download instead!