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Is it a Good Choice? Behavior Task Cards for autism and special education

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This task card activity works on recognizing if certain actions are a good choice or not. Each task card has a question ("Is _____ a good choice?") that includes a descriptive picture (so no reading is required) and yes and no visuals at the bottom of the card.


What's included:

  • Sample IEP goals/objectives
  • Datasheet
  • Student recording sheet writing
  • Student recording sheet circling
  • Task card answer sheet (to help you check work quickly OR have students check their own work)
  • 44 task cards on good choices/behaviors


These task cards can easily be used during individual instruction, 1:1 work with a paraprofessional, work tasks, and task boxes.


Grab the digitally interactive version of these task cards HERE!


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Customer Reviews

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Great task

Love it for my students!
The pictures help for those who don’t read well.