Laundry Life Skills File Folders for Special Education (Breezy Special Ed) 10pk - Fully prepped

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Included are 10 file folders all based upon a laundry life skills theme. Perfect for practicing life skills in the classroom!

File folders include:

* What do I wear? (pick the right clothes for the weather)
* Boy or girl? ( Dress the boy and girl in the appropriate clothing)
* Sorting Laundry (Separating whites and colors)
* What's the size? ( Sort sizes by XS, S ,M, L, XL and XXL)
* What do I wear? ( Pick the right clothes for the weather - matching)
* Sort the people ( Summer or Winter clothes )
* Hat and shoe sort ( sort the hats and shoes)
* Shirt and pants sort (sorting different pants and shoes)
* Color Coding (Hanging up the clothes by the same colors)
* Clean or Dirty ( Clean clothes to dresser, dirty to laundry basket)

File folders are laminated with 3 mil and pieces to attach are thicker 5 mil. Velcro dots are used to attach pieces to and from the file folders.

(note: There are two options when purchasing. Fully prepped is as seen in the pictures above where everything is cut out and ready to use. Half prepped involves cutting out the pieces from the lamination and trimming the laminate on file folders Velcro Dots are included.)

Interesting in this resource but want to prep it yourself? The digital download is available for purchase here: