Laundry Task Analysis and Interactive Book (Print and Digital) for Special Ed

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Teach students how to do the laundry with this digital download and digital activity set! Great for special education and life skill students. Students can read a book (either the printable version or digitally with audio), do laundry themed worksheets, and also use the laundry visuals to go through each step themselves. Visuals help set students up for success.


Laundry Task Analysis Pages: Each laundry task include a one page task analysis with visuals and text to set students up for success.

- Before you Wash (includes treating stains)

- Using the Washing Machine

- Using the Dryer

- Clothesline

- Folding Shirts

- Folding Pants

- Folding Socks

- Hanging Clothes

- Folding Towels

- Folding Washcloths


Laundry Worksheets: These worksheets include the laundry theme with a variety of typical academic work such as language arts and math.

- laundry journal

- cut and paste clean or dirty clothes

- laundry count and color

- cut and paste stain spray

- exact dollar color in money

- next dollar color in money


Printable Interactive Book: Teaching how to do the laundry with your students? These books go through the steps of doing the laundry so that when students get a chance to do the real thing they are already familiar with the steps!


Each page has an optional top text to read (for more advanced readers) and a simple bottom sentence for everyone to read.


You only have to print one book and it is appropriate for a range of different levels in your class. See how below:

Ways to Use this Interactive Book with Multiple Levels:

Interactive Pieces

Level 1: Students match the picture from each page to the end choice page while they read.

Level 2: Students take off the picture from the choice page and match to the page to follow the direction (directions include picture visuals so student know what option to use.


Prep these books using lamination and velcro!


Want a prepped and shipped version? Grab it here.


Digital book on Boom Learning: This digital laundry book is hosted on the Boom Learning℠ Site and include audio. Each page is read aloud and student will drag and drop to finish the step on each page.

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