Letter to Santa: Symbol Support, Tracing and More! For Special Education

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Have fun writing a letter to Santa and work on educational life skills such as letter writing and addressing an envelope!  Digital option also available on Google Slides with moveable pieces (to be used in edit mode). 


Santa Letter Levels:

Level 1: Visual sentence starters and choices to fill in the blanks (separate page of choices so that students can cut and paste)

Level 2: Tracing with fill in the blank options. Students can write in their choices or choose and cut and paste from the symbol supported page. 

Level 3: Template with lines included so students can write their own letter to Santa without additional supports.


Addressing Envelopes:

Same levels included as above with cut and paste so students can arrange on an envelope correctly.

Level 1: Symbol Support

Level 2: Tracing

Level 3: Independent/Copying


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