Special Education Kitchen / Cooking Life Skill File Folders - Set 2 11pk - Fully Prepped

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This is our second kitchen themed life skill file folder set! This set contains 11 file folders based on a kitchen / cooking theme. Perfect for practicing life skills in the classroom! Skills include:

•Kitchen Items Match (Real Pictures)

•Kitchen Items Word to Picture Match (Real Pictures)

•Set the Table (one large place setting)

•Set the Table – fill in the missing piece at each setting

•Load the Dishwasher – top or bottom rack

•Clean it – choose the right way to clean kitchen messes

•Staple Food + Ingredients Picture Match

•Staple Food + Ingredients Picture to Word match

•Make a List: Staple Ingredients

•Make a List: Staple Foods

•Make a List: Condiments

(note: There are two options when purchasing. Fully prepped is as seen in the pictures above where everything is cut out and ready to use. Half prepped involves cutting out the pieces from the lamination and trimming the laminate on file folders Velcro Dots are included.)

Want to prep yourself? Grab the digital download instead!