Picture Prompts 2 - Leveled Journal Writing for Special Education - Pack 2

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Three different levels of picture prompt journal supports provided for your higher level writers (around 1st-4th grade level).


This pack is great for our visual learners, as instead of a written prompt, a picture prompt is given! Students can then respond with the level of support that they need to be successful.


Level 1: 5 sentence starters are provided for each journal to help students get started. Given the level of each student, they can either fill in the blanks on the sheet, or re-write the sentence starters to form their own paragraphs.


Level 2: A detailed format and 6+ questions are provided for each journal to help them think of what they can write about. They do not have to answer all of the questions! It is totally okay to just answer one question, if they have enough to write about.


Level 3: Independent writing. Give students note paper and have them write on their own about the picture topic.

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