Presidential Inauguration Activities for Special Education FREE

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Teach your special education students about the Presidential Inauguration with these FREE and DIFFERENTIATED activities. Perfect for various levels, including non readers and visual learners due to the symbol support! Also available digitally on Google Slides (click the link on the first page to make your copy of this digital activity).


Everything is NO PREP! Just print and you are ready to use.

Symbol Supported and Easy Reader Stories

  • Short and simple 4 sentence story (2 levels - available with or without symbols)
  • Cut and paste cloze (fill in the blank) activity (2 levels - symbol or no symbols)
  • Quizzes (3 levels - symbol supported, multiple choice, or writing)

Both the symbol and easy reader stories are the same - just one with symbols and one without. You can easily read the story with your entire class and differentiate by giving each student the level of support and challenge them as they need!


Inauguration Day January 20 (every 4 years) Journal

What's included:

Classroom Poster: project or print to use in small groups! Use this poster to introduce the day, discuss and access prior knowledge. The poster includes symbol text with the date, discussion questions, symbol sentence and a space to tally your students' opinions! Have students journal and then come back to tally what they wanted to say about the topic.

Level 1: Non writers. Students can choose the correct symbol options for the month and date. The symbol sentence is next and you can have them circle the topic if you wish. Next they can give their opinion (errorless), as well as color the picture.

Level 2: Tracers. Students will trace the date and topic. They will write the topic word to the best of their ability. (maybe they use letter stamps). And then they can color and draw a picture.

Level 3: Beginning Writers. Students will write the date and topic. They fill in the blank with their opinion from the word bank below. They will then write a sentence about the topic. This could be the topic sentence, an “I like” or “don’t like” about the topic, or anything they choose! Guide students based on their ability levels. They can then color and/or draw a picture about the topic - again guide as time and ability levels allow.

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Ruth Oliphant
Good Stuff!

I love having this resource for my special education teaching! When my brain is tired, Breezy Special Ed has what I need.

Carla Pensa
My Go-To Source for Special Education Worksheets!

I teach high school students with an extremely broad range of abilities. Breezy Special Ed has so many ready to use, age- appropriate worksheets and activities for students with special needs. They are always current and very high interest. Worth every penny!

Erika Reyes

My students enjoyed it thank you so much.

Kahleena Purifoy

This was a great resource!

Colleen Shea

This was a great resource for my students. It was an easy description of the Presidential inauguration. Thanks for this wonderful resource.