Pumpkin/Smores Adapted Books

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Go through the steps of carving a pumpkin using this adapted book plus go through the experience of making a s'more over a campfire with the adapted book.

Visual recipe also include worksheets and a quiz (multiple levels for each readers and non-readers). Plus, a visual shopping list so you can have your students shop for their s'more ingredients.

Adapted Book includes two built-in levels (in one book)

Reading Options:
You Read – I Read Option: Staff reads top section, student reads the simple text at the bottom (or just the bold word). This level is great for beginning readers/speakers/device users)
Level 1: Beginning readers only read bottom sentences.
Level 2: Advanced readers read the entire page.
Interactive Pieces
Level 1: Students match the picture from the end choice page to each page while they read.
Level 2: Students take off the picture from each page and match to the word on the choice page.
Worksheets include

S’more journal
Following directions
Count and Color
Color and Graph
Small or Big Sort
Dollar Over level 1 (color in exact amount)
Dollar Over level 2 (color in dollar over amount)

Want to prep yourself? Grab the digital download instead!