S'mores Visual Recipe and Adapted Book for Special Education

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Make s'mores in the microwave with this visual recipe and then go through the experience of making a s'more over a campfire with the adapted book. Visual recipe also include worksheets and a quiz (multiple levels for each readers and non-readers). Plus, a visual shopping list! Adapted Book includes two built-in levels (in one book!)

Reading Options: You Read – I Read Option: Staff reads top section, student reads the simple text at the bottom (or just the bolded word). This level is great for beginning readers/speakers/device users)

Level 1: Beginning readers only read bottom sentences. Level 2: Advanced readers read the entire page. Interactive Pieces Level 1: Students match the picture from the end choice page to each page while they read. Level 2: Students take off the picture from each page and match to the word on the choice page.

Worksheets (Digital Download) include: S’more journal Following directions Count and Color Color and Graph Small or Big Sort Dollar Over level 1 (color in exact amount) Dollar Over level 2 (color in dollar over amount)


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