Socialgrams - a Social Writing and Communication Activity for Special Education

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Teach writing and communication skills in a fun, relatable way! Socialgrams allow for students to express their thoughts on a topic using a familiar social media format, with a picture, short caption, hashtags and classmates can even add comments!

Supports are provided for non-writers and tracers so that they can can trace or simply cut and paste the hashtags and comments of their choice.

22 different topics are included (some that are open ended so they can be used multiple times with different teacher prompts, such as "I like ___"

Socialgrams are a perfect activity to do once a week and would also be fun to display on a bulletin board.

Appropriate for special education students of all ages!


So, how would this look in your classroom?
Step 1: Picture!
Students can draw or cut out pictures from magazines or teacher-provided pictures for their social gram. Or maybe you could even take pictures (example: field trip) and print and have those ready for students to use!
Step 2: Caption It!
Teachers may need to write down their student's response for the sentence starter, after they answer using an AAC device, verbally, or another communication method.
Step 3: Hashtags!
After drawing and captioning, students can cut and paste two hashtags of their choice into their journal. If they are also to trace, they can trace over the gray lines as well.
Step 4: Comment!
When everyone is done, it is time to switch papers and leave comments (also available to cut and paste / trace) on 2 other socialgrams. (There are 3 spaces for comments, so that you, the teacher, or your aides will be able to leave a comment as well!)