Symbol Supported Reading Comprehension BUNDLE

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Designed for non-to-beginning readers, symbol picture support helps special education students be more successful at reading and comprehending!

This bundle includes over 300 stories in a variety of topics including: biographies, fiction and non-fiction. There are packs for major holidays, all seasons, and many different interests and themes.

 Each story includes: a short and simple 4-5 sentence story, a cut and paste cloze (fill in the blank) activity, and a quiz. Everything is NO PREP! Just print and you are ready to use!

This bundle is “complete“ meaning I have no current plans to add more stories, but as topics come up I may write and future symbol supported reading comprehension sets will be added to this bundle.

➫ Do you want these same stories, only without the symbol support? You can grab the easy reading add-on bundle HERE!

Appropriate for special education classrooms of all ages!


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