Trash or Not? Life Skill Visual Task Cards for Special Education

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These task cards help students practice and understand what items go into the trash and what items should be saved. Please tell me you also have students who will throw away their ceramic plates and metal silverware?!

Each task card has the same format: A scenario at the top, a picture that goes with the scenario, and two choices at the bottom to chose from. There are two options, so you can use the one that will work best for your students, either choosing between "trash/recycle" and "not trash/recycle" or choosing between "trash/recycle" and another option (such as cabinet, dishwasher, laundry, etc).

There is a written scenario for each task card, but also includes a visual so that students do not need to be able to read in order to complete these task cards independently!

What's included:

-56 task cards (24 for each option) + a blank set of 4 (again, for each option) so that you can print out and glue any additional items you would like to work on.

Task cards can be used during direct instruction, individual work, and in work task boxes. Students can choose their answer by talking, pointing, clipping on a clothespin or paperclip, or circling with a dry erase marker.