US Government / 3 Branches / Election / Voting Unit - Differentiated Resources

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This unit is perfect for your special education, elementary, or co-taught US History class. Topics covered are the three branches of government, important documents (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights), political parties (Democrat and Republican), and voting. Perfect to prepare for a discussion about the upcoming election!

A WIDE range of resources allow for each learner to be successful at their own level and give multiple ways to learn.

Interactive Notes: 2 levels for non-writers/tracers and writers. Notes including activities such as fill in the blank, color, circle, etc. to keep students engaged and participating during a lesson.
Worksheets: 20 worksheets with a variety of levels including activities like circle the picture, matching picture to picture or word by drawing a line or cutting and pastes, writing, copying or tracing vocabulary words, and graphing.
Research: Also 2 levels to allow students to further learn about a topic either independently, in a small group, or as a class.
Vocabulary: Flashcards including pictures, words and definitions. Great for student practice and games like memory, go fish, and more!
Teaching Games: Games to use with your class include Bingo and I have..who has?
Assessments: 2 levels included for all assessments. Pre and post tests, quizzes for each topic (can also group all quizzes together for a final assessment), and data sheets to keep track of student progress!
Binder Set Up: Help your students keep their materials organized with these binder dividers and tabs.