Visual Color Coded Calendars and Calendar Worksheets for Special Education

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Updated for the 2024-2025 school year. (Also includes 2025-26)

This packet contains visual calendars with an interactive color key and worksheets for the year. 

(This pack will continue to be updated each and every year! Buy once and use for YEARS!)

 Calendar Pages

-Students will either trace or write-in the numbers for each month. Students trace/write the month, year, and numbers. Students then will color in days based on the provided key (school, no school, holiday/special days, and weekends). Included are 13 calendars to be traced (July 2024 - July 2025) as well as 1 blank calendar for students who can write on their own.

NEW: Half tracing and half writing levels are also available

- writing 2-10 and tracing 11-31

- writing 2-20 and tracing 21-31


Calendar worksheets

- Trace and number the months + following directions (2)

-Write and number the months + following directions

- Calendar Questions worksheet(includes generic questions about the month, can be used for each month)

- Cut and Paste Worksheets (includes matching month picture to picture, month to picture, month to number, and month to abbreviation) (4)

- Month worksheets (directions are to circle the pictures and circle the name of the month) (12)

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