Vocational Visual Daily Questions with Job Posters for Special Education

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This pack is perfect for students who are learning about careers and vocational exploration.

These daily questions are designed for students to get exposure to a wide range of jobs/vocations, to start thinking about what they might be interested in, and to practice answering questions errorlessly.

What's Included:
✔96 Questions: Questions come in the form of 2 choices (32 question pages) or yes/no (64 questions pages).

✔64 Job posters: Posters include a picture of the job along with a simple 2 sentence description of that job. Great to use to explain the jobs before asking the students to answer the questions!

✔Interest Inventory: Available in color or b&w. A great resources to include in a students IEP for transition information.

✔Differentiated Journals: Leveled journals allow for all students to respond in a written way as well (draw a picture, write one word, write a sentence, or write a because sentence).

See the preview for more details and let me know if you have any questions!
I use this with my high school special education class, but it would be appropriate for any grade special education or early childhood classrooms as well.

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