Weather File Folders Life skill and Science for Special Education

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These file folder activities work on a variety of weather concepts, such as different types of weather, temperatures, and what to wear. A variety of levels are included in order to help each individual in your class succeed and be challenged at their own level.


Type of Weather

✔Weather Match – match identical symbols

✔Weather Sort – match/sort weather including identical symbol, similar clip art, and real picture

✔Sunny or Rainy – sort real pictures

✔Cloudy or Snowy – sort real pictures



✔Match Temperatures – match thermometers of various temperatures

✔Read Temperatures – put the right thermometer with each temperature

✔Sort Temperatures – arrange the thermometers based on temperatures ranges (hot, warm, cool, cold, freezing)


Sign Language

✔Weather ASL sign match – sign to sign

✔Weather ASL sign label – sign to picture


What to Wear

✔Clothing match – sort the clothing based on the weather (with visual matching support)

✔Clothing sort – sort the clothing based on the weather


Perfect for special education classrooms of all ages or early childhood education.


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