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WH Questions Christmas/Holiday task cards for autism and special education

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This Christmas/Holiday-themed WH question task card activity works on comprehension and answering specific questions (who, what, when, and where) given a symbol supported sentence and real picture.

Each question type has a symbol to help students know what is being asked and students will the correct answer from a field of 3 symbols.

 No reading is required due to visuals on every task cards so that non-readers can use as well.

This set of WH question Christmas/Holiday task cards includes 32 cards (4 to a page), 8 of each question: who, what, when and where.

These task cards can easily be used during individual instruction, 1:1 work with a paraprofessional, work tasks, and task boxes.

These are appropriate for early learners of any age!

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Great product. Lots of pages! Worth the money!