WH Questions Visual Task Cards with Symbols (Autism and Special Education)

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These 200 task cards work on comprehension and answering specific WH questions (who, what, when, and where) given a symbol supported sentence.


Each question type has a symbol to help students know what is being asked and students will the correct answer from a field of 3 symbols.


WH Question Posters explaining the different types of questions are included to help.


Mix them up or work on question types separately!


No reading is required due to visuals on every task cards, so that non-readers can use as well.


P3-6: Posters

P7: Task Card size question posters

P8-9: Task Card Covers

P10-22: Who task cards

P23-35: What task cards

P36-48: Where task cards

P49-61: When task cards


These task cards can be used during direct instruction, individual work, and in task boxes.


These are appropriate for early learners of any age!


Grab the interactive digital version of these task cards HERE!



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