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Clothing / Laundry Life Skill File Folders (Special Education)

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This digital download contains pages to print and prep to put together 10 file folders based on a clothing / laundry theme. Skills include:

  • Sorting Clean and Dirty Laundry (into dresser and laundry basket)
  • Dress a boy and girl in appropriate clothing
  • Determine clothing for the weather (summer/winter)
  • Sort sizes based on the tags
  • Match clothing to the weather
  • Sort clothing to the weather
  • Sorting laundry to wash (colors and whites)
  • Color Coding (hang up shirts based on color)
  • Pants vs. Shirts sort
  • Hats vs. Shoes sort

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Customer Reviews

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Cindy Seymour
Laundry Life Skill Folders

Every week I send home a new folder game for my students to add to their collect. During distance learning your products have been life savers. First we do the folders together then my students pick 4 daily to do on their own. Your file folder activities are perfect for my 18-22 year old life skills class. Thank you for all your hard work and great resources. Excellent product.

Kim Sims
Fantastic site!

I just finished making 24 task boxes for our classroom. Your resources made my project easy! Thank you very much and our students will be learning many new skills!