Easter Cards: Differentiated for ALL your Special Ed Students

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Writing Easter cards is both a fun and educational life skill. This set includes *5* different Easter card designs with *7* different levels of support to give students the levels of support they need to help them express their thoughts. (Plus a bonus 3 religious cards as well if you work in a Christian/Catholic school! The regular cards are focused on the secular celebration of the holiday.)

Level 1: Visual sentence starters and choices to fill in the blanks (separate page of choices so that students can cut and paste)
  • 1.1 :Large print (this will need to be cut in half and glued to a folded construction paper)
  • 1.2: Regular size
Level 2: Sentence starters to trace with fill in the blank options
  • 2.1: Dotted tracing font
  • 2.2: Solid gray tracing font
Level 3: Blank cards for students to write their own message (page of sentences and sentence starters included if they need ideas)
  • 3.1: Lines that go across the two inside pages.
  • 3.2: Smaller lines that go on the one inside page.
  • 3.3: No lines.

I used this with my high school class, but it would be appropriate for early learners of any age. I hope you find this helpful as well.

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